PODCAST: Chaos Sedated #180

Featuring death industrial and power electronics from Sutekh Hexen, MZ.412, Theologian, Steel Hook Prostheses, En Nihil, TØLERANT, God is War, and more. Support the artists on this program by checking out the links in the playlist below. Stream the episode on Mixcloud, Spotify and YouTube, or download directly below. Thanks to Deathbed Tapes, Trust Collective, Cyclic Law, Annihilvs Power Electronix, Tesco Organisation, and Difficult Interactions.

Full Playlist:
Sutekh Hexen – Elemental Uproar
Mz.412 – The Father Uncreated
Steel Hook Prostheses – Cancer Maiden
Post Scriptvm – Ruins of Men
En Nihil – 3
TØLERANT – War As A Fetish
God Is War – Prayers Of Downfall
Detrimental Effect – Final Truth
Hive Mind – Come Alone

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