Invisible War Reverend Raul Antony Anarch Feature


After many years of writing on industrial, ambient, and experimental music, in 2012 I decided to devote time to producing my own audio work. I merged electronic soundscapes with my study of philosophy, observations of socio-political dissonance and started Anarch: an exploration of contradictions and post-apocalyptic futurist aesthetic, observed as a sovereign historian. Hardware synthesizers include the Monotribe & Monotron Delay, patterns from Volca Keys & Bass, and microKORG textures. Production, sampling, additional software synthesis handled by Ableton Live.

The anarch sticks to facts, not ideas. He suffers not for facts but because of them...

As I have said, I have nothing to do with the partisans. I wish to defy society not in order to improve it, but to hold it at bay no matter what. I suspend my achievements – but also my demands.

Although I am an anarch, I am not anti-authoritarian. Quite the opposite: I need authority, although I do not believe in it. My critical faculties are sharpened by the absence of the credibility that I ask for. As a historian, I know what can be offered.

The Anarch is to the anarchist, what the monarch is to the monarchist.

Compilation Tracks:

Cursed – Finding Frankenstein (2018) | Released by The Church of Satan

The Sea, Our Sea, Lies Open Before Us – Midsummer II Compilation (2016) | Released by Heathen Harvest Records

The Cathedral – Heathen Harvest Midsummer Compilation (2014) | Released by Heathen Harvest Records

Shadow Of The Condor – Apogee (2013) | Released by Kalpamantra

Bordertown (Frontline) – America, The Grave: The Death of the American Dream (2012) | Released by Annihilvs Power Electronix

Self Released Tracks: