PODCAST: The Forest Passage 18: Danny Hyde Interview

Often referred to as “the secret third member of Coil”, Danny Hyde recounts his memories working with John Balance and Peter Christopherson on some of their most groundbreaking releases, including Love’s Secret Domain, Horse Rotorvator, and the infamous NIN remixes. Mr. Hyde discusses the controversial decision to release Backwards, reproducing the NIN remixes for Recoiled, and Trent Reznor’s involvement with recording Backwards in Nothing Studios. Danny Hyde also talks about his own projects (Aural Rage & Electric Sewer Age), modern electronic music and getting in touch with his Celtic roots.

Danny Hyde would like to reach out to our audience and have them send him recommendation to help him get back into contemporary industrial music. Leave a comment below or on social media recommending some of your favorite releases for Mr. Hyde, in particular music inspired by his work. We’ll pick out 2 contributors to receive a release featuring Danny Hyde.

From Heathen Harvest’s review of Coil’s Backwards:

The mythical “lost album” from Coil finally found its way to the public twenty-three years later, thanks to the work of Danny Hyde and Cold Spring Records. Coil has long been a band that, in certain specific ways, I have loved and cherished, but in similar fashion, they have also been a confounding project with almost too many releases, reissues, collaborations, and remixes to catalog and digest. I suppose that works to my benefit, having never heard the 2008 version of The New Backwards.

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