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PODCAST: Chaos Sedated #168 (Arditi, Et Nihil, Death in June)

Back when this show first premiered it was my intention to focus on martial industrial, apocalyptic folk, and dark ambient music. Over time the material broadened and I included everything from power electronics to drone metal, based on whatever caught my interest at the time. This week I’m tapping into the martial and apocalyptic folk genres with some classic and new music from Arditi, In Slaughter Natives, Death in June, Et Nihil, Nature and Organisation, and more.

From Heathen Harvest’s review of Et Nihil / Awen – Runes Writ in Rust

Et Nihil’s side of Runes Writ in Rust opens the split with two semi-opposing faces of the same coin.  On “Right Hand Son,” a bombastic albeit brief approach is used, with a punk-infused fixation on an aggressive tempo and percussion present at the forefront of the track—an atmosphere and style that should be immediately familiar to anyone who has seen their dynamic live performance as I had when they opened for Death in June.  As a means of texture, the track also features a sparse trumpet performance that does more to create a militant feeling than add anything genuine musically.  The title track keeps its predecessor’s aggression in moments, but dials it back from verse to verse, focusing instead on a much more complex melodic knotwork of 12-string guitar and flute, the latter of which is performed by Sasha Feline: a notable guest member from B9’s past in Luftwaffe.


Sutekh Hexen with Andrew Liles – We Once Walked Upon These Coals
The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud – VI
In Slaughter Natives – Plague Walk My Earth
Tugend – Fratricide
Et Nihil – Wolf In The Fold
Death In June – Death Of A Man
Nature & Organisation – My Black Diary
Tribe Of Circle – Freres Humains…Freres Ennemis
Arditi – Dawn Of A New Mythos
Council Of Nine – The Ossuary
Knifeladder – White Walls

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