REVIEW: Treha Sektori – Endessiah + Sorieh

Endessiah comes three years after Treha Sektori was unveiled through its debut full-length Sorieh – a mind-blowing sound experiment, which brought me on the verge of schizophrenia with its fragmented, chaotic and eclectic approach to sound. The second conceptual entity which Dehn Sora (also in Sembler Deah, Church of Ra) created is far more accomplished, thorough and accessible. Endessiah means letting go of everything, conceptually the record represents a mindset in a decline of the physical world and this is exactly how it sounds. The symbiosis between the ideas and their realization music-wise is clear and logical, which makes the record far easier to swallow than Sorieh, but sufficiently deep, if let to completely unfold in your mind.

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