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Chaos Sedated #167 ( Of Earth And Sun, Trepaneringsritualen, Chelsea Wolfe)

The past year has been quite a busy time for your host. I’ve been doing some more writing, editing, and working with my partners at Heathen Harvest on The Forest Passage podcast. But I’m now putting some focus back on Chaos Sedated and recorded a few episodes to get the ball rolling for the next few months. This episode is full of new music from Jarl, Yen Pox, Earth & Sun, Author & Punisher, Chelsea Wolfe, and more. See the gallery of selected album art and links below for more from the artists featured on the episode.

Of Earth And Sun – Coiled
Karjalan Sissit – Kantapaa Lapiossa
Yen Pox – Ashen Shroud
Parhelion & Zac Keiller – Smokey God
Trepaneringsritualen – Konung Kront I Blod
Gnaw Their Tongues – Another Study In Bleakness And Despair
Chelsea Wolfe – Color of Blood
Author & Punisher – Callous And Hoof
Jarl – The Great Moloch

From the Heathen Harvest review of Chelsea Wolfe – Abyss:

It’s been an interesting five years for Chelsea Wolfe (has it really only been five years since The Grime and the Glow?). Abyss is her fifth album, not counting a live album, an EP, and her two collaborative projects with King Dude. It’s hard to believe that the neofolk guitar-strummer who we first fell in love with has become such a gothic heavy metal goddess. Or perhaps it’s not so hard to believe.


If you worried that getting an extra helping of public notice in association with Game of Thrones might, for some reason, prompt Wolfe to soften her tone in some way, allow me to set your mind at ease. Her album earns its title of Abyss. It doubles down on the industrial elements of Pain Is Beauty and throws in enough growling bass and massive down-tuned guitars for a legitimate metal album.

The album welcomes you in with the distorted thunder of synth drums in “Carrion Flowers,” flowing into the actual doom metal of “Iron Moon.” It’s no mistake that these songs are not only the first two tracks on the album, but were the first two singles released as well. Wolfe’s ethereal voice is the counter to the instrumentation. The drums and guitars sound aggressive and insistent; Wolfe’s voice comes across as drowned in melancholy, and is perhaps even a bit resigned. I don’t mean to give the impression that this is in any way apathetic music—there’s emotion in every syllable—but even on Pain Is Beauty, there was a particular bare-fanged fury in songs like “Feral Love” and “House of Metal” that motivated an active response. Abyss is simply crushing. Play this album on a rainy day and watch whatever plans you had evaporate as you stare through the window for an hour.

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