PODCAST: Chaos Sedated #172 – Longpig, Gnawed, Concrete Mascara, Crowhurst

This week we’ve got a live mix of death industrial, noise, and power electronics featuring Longpig, Gnawed, Pine Tree State Mind Control, Offerbeest (side project of Gnaw Their Tongues), Crowhurst, Concrete Mascara, Steel Hook Prostheses, Black Earth, GRVD, and more.

Special thanks to Malignant Records and Annihilvs Power Electronix for their support.

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Download the podcast and check out more at RadioFreeSatan.com. Full tracklist at Mixcloud and below the cut.

  • 1 Savage (Snowbeasts Remix) by Longpig
  • 2 The Medicus by Steel Hook Prostheses
  • 3 Who Shall Reap? by Gnawed
  • 4 Operacion Causa Justa by Genocide Organ
  • 5 Reclusive by Crowhurst
  • 6 Götterdämmerzeit by Pine Tree State Mind Control
  • 7 Utopian Nightmare by Concrete Mascara
  • 8 A False Throne To Mourn by GRVD
  • 9 Dream Destroyer Number One by Offerbeest
  • 10 To Cloak A Nebulous Sun by Black Earth

From the SHRINE OF THE LONGPIG release on Bandcamp

ANNIHILVS proudly presents the debut full-length by LONGPIG, a brutal collaborative effort featuring CYST, LVMMVX, and THE VOMIT ARSONIST. Suppressive, pulverising, and terrifying, SHRINE OF THE LONGPIG heralds impending armageddon in a clamourous series of joylessly discordant anthems.

Also included is a remix disc featuring reinterpretations of the entire album by Providence-based electronica act SNOWBEASTS.

Includes digital pre-order of SHRINE OF THE LONGPIG. You get 2 tracks now (streaming via the free Bandcamp app and also available as a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more), plus the complete album the moment it’s released.

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