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PODCAST: Black Signals 001 – Zomby, oOoOO, Zola Jesus, JK Flesh, Dryft

Debut of Black Signals, a live recorded mix of minimal techno, glitch, drum & bass, synthwave, and more.

Stream and download at Radio Free Satan.
Full tracklist at Mixcloud and below the cut.


  • Capsize Ctrl by Dryft
  • Long Way Down by Zola Jesus
  • Mouchette by oOoOO
  • Bad Boy Blues by Cross My Heart Hope To Die
  • Invisible Handcuffs by (ghost)
  • Life Magazine (Prurient Remix) by Cold Cave
  • Bejeweled Body by Function : Vatican Shadow
  • Let the Sky Burn (Silent Servant Remix) by Youth Code
  • Obedient Automaton by JK Flesh
  • 10 A Devil Lay Here by Zomby
  • 11 Fabric of Space by 1991
  • 12 Metamorphosis by Adam Singer
  • 13 Old Tea by Howse
  • 14 Salvage by WIFE
  • 15 Venter by Ben Frost

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