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PODCAST: Chaos Sedated #170 (Dernière Volonté, Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, Electric Sewer Age)

On this episode we have new music from Dernière Volonté, Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, and The Human Voice. We also have some Coil and Electric Sewer Age and talk about my recent interview with Coil producer/engineer Danny Hyde. Also featuring Kristoffer Oustad, Cult of Youth, Theologian, and Gustaf Hildebrand.

Show notes:
The Human Voice on Cyclic Law 
The Forest Passage 18: Danny Hyde Interview & Giveaway
Danny Hyde Homepage
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio: Vision: Libertine – The Hangman´s Triad – New Album & Limited Box & Vinyl
Dernière Volonté – Prie Pour Moi on Tesco Germany
Annihilvs/Theologian: Big Cartel | Bandcamp
Kristoffer Oustad on Malignant Records
Gustaf Hildebrand on Cyclic Law
Cult of Youth on Sacred Bones Records

From the Santa Sangre review of Electric Sewer Age:

Danny Hyde continues his fantastical journey in sound with this second release under the ESA name and completely moves beyond expectations. Disproving the doubters, this EP is pretty much just him in his studio wrenching new creations out of his equipment; the trainspotters amongst us will no doubt pick out some of the shards he pulls from his past. But he doesn’t make them the focus of what is going on here, they are there merely to accent, to add a bit of depth and help illuminate how many years he’s been at this. Does he follow a muse? If so, it must not be one that operates in the traditional sense. Perhaps it is more of a compulsion to create and then endlessly refine what you’ve done down to the most primal of elements. There are ghosts all over this thing, you can feel the weight of their absence and at some points you swear you can actually hear them. Tricks of the sound field, the mirror casting back shadows. If anyone else is on here, they have come out of the ether to make an appearance. Don’t be afraid, put on your headphones and immerse yourself into a symphony that Hyde terms “an ode to loss”.


Hear more of Chaos Sedated at RadioFreeSatan.com.

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