This week we premiere two tracks from the Austin based electronic label Holodeck Records and their upcoming compilation Holodeck Vision One with Troller and Thousand Foot Whale Claw (include members of S U R V I V E of Stranger Things fame). We also have new music from Tor Lundvall, Lovecrypt artist MASKSMASKSMASKS, Malignant Records artists Martyria and Phragments, and up and coming experimental black metal act Hasufel.

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About Holodeck Vision One:

In 2012, Holodeck Records was founded in Austin, Texas by a group of musicians whose output greatly exceeded their available resources required to release and promote music. The label emerged out of the void in the electronic and experimental scenes of Texas that desperately needed brand identity. Members of S U R V I V E, This Will Destroy You, Pure X and several other projects pooled funds to release the first batch of cassettes, and since then the label has grown to include an international roster of established and rising forces within the music industry. Holodeck Vision One is the culminating effort that defines what the label embodies and previews the newest projects looming on the horizon.
This impressive collection features many of Holodeck’s established veterans like Troller, VVV and Dylan Cameron as well as recent acquisitions Single Lash, Dallas Acid and Dust Witch. The unwavering quality from start to finish is staggering and continually evolves over the two and half hours of tracks. Highlights include big names like Drab Majesty, Kyle Dixon, Michael Stein, Automelodi and Bill Converse, whose contributions mark the arrival of a new era of expanded legitimacy for the label. Some of the most significant entries are the promising fresh faces like Virgin Pool, Joey and Windows1995 who are making their debut appearances on this album. Holodeck Vision One is the label’s defining statement of 2018 and signals the crossing of a threshold into prominence.



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