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ARTICLE: Tesco 25th Anniversary Festival Live Action Report — Day I

Established in 1987 by Wilhelm Herich and Doc M. Riot of Genocide Organ, Tesco Organisation has become synonymous with Post-Industrial music and an embodiment of Industrial culture. While the over 85 releases throughout the years vary in form and presentation, from the brutal German Industrial/Power Electronics of Genocide Organ, to the hypnotic ambience of Galerie Schallschutz, and the pagan ritual sounds of Apoptose, the one common element is a commitment to integrity and the spirit of Industrial. Based out of Mannheim, Germany,  Tesco Organisation expanded label operations with their archival Functional division (dedicated to reissuing out of print classics), an international Tesco Distribution network, and an American division in Tesco USA/North American Tesco Organisation (NATO, of which I was accompanied by for this event).

On the weekend of November 16th, 2012, Tesco Organisation, with their partners L´affaire fatale, celebrated the 25 year anniversary of Tesco with a 2 day festival in the literal industrial sector of Mannheim. The 7er Club is surrounded by automotive workshops, streets littered with broken records, and nearby factory smokestacks; a fitting location for such an event. Tickets for the festival sold out within two weeks of announcement, filling the venue to near capacity. This would have been an issue if not for the spacious outdoor smoking & lounge area, which helped the crowds clear out in between performances. The sound and lighting systems were excellent, which in the United States is usually a challenge for these genres. In all, the high quality of the execution and staff itself speaks to the aforementioned dedication Tesco and L´affaire fatale have for putting nothing but first class productions. Instead of a track by track break down of each performance, these live action reports should serve as a witness testimony to the aesthetics and atmosphere created by each act, as such elements are just as important as the music itself.



Anenzephalia | Credit: Timo Raab

Whether intentional or not, I found it fitting for the festival’s first performance being a project which was one of the first to be officially released by Tesco Organisation (Lyse, TESCO 003). Headed by Brigant Moloch with live support from Wilhelm Herich, Anenzephalia delivers a no-nonsense psychological assault on the audience. Moloch is a stern front-man, no rock and roll antics, no bullshit. He is a Svengali weaving nihilistic messages into the subconscious with pulsating strobes, looping drones, and waves of heavy electronics. In a world where everyone is made to think they are special, Moloch and Herich are there to remind you this society does not need you, and ultimately the scent of decay of the sleepers are a perfume for the awakened. The metaphysical and philosophical concept of Noehaem is prevalent throughout the performance. Noehaem represents a home, vaguely familiar, but that has changed over time. Is it progress or decay? Much of this can relate to city of Mannheim itself. The back video welcomes you aboard a flight, final destination, Noehaem. Welcome home.

Read the full report at Heathen Harvest.

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